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  Photography Forum: Camera Equipment News Forum: 
  Q. which new camera?
Steve Aronoff
Asked by Steve Aronoff    (K=18393) on 4/16/2006 
I'm looking to buy a new digital camera, an slr. So many photographers on UF take really high quality pictures with a variety of cameras. No one appears to use an Olympus. I'm looking at the E-volt 500, primarily because it comes with two lenses. Does anyone have experience with this camera? Is the Canon D-20 really that much superior. What should I buy?
Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


 Eveline Shih-Pitcairn   (K=4406) - Comment Date 4/17/2006
While I may not have the E-volt 500, I do have the Canon D-20 and an Olympus E-10. I still use the Olympus for ID photographs and an ocassional portrait, but the Canon is my main workhorse.

If you've tested the Olympus out, you're happy with what it can do for you, and is within your price range then by all means, get the Olympus.

Here' my list of pros for Canon: 1) I already possess a collection of Canon EOS bodies and lenses; 2) I can find Canon products anywhere; 3) It's price, quality, and innovative qualties make it one of the top brands pros use.

 jessie voigts   (K=6772) - Comment Date 6/16/2006
steve - i have been thinking this very same question. my uncle (who builds lenses to take iridology photos) recommended a nikon d50. i am still looking around (just to make sure!)....i will be reading answers here with interest!

 Stan Pustylnik   (K=6768) - Comment Date 8/11/2006
Olympust is great if you will not wish to add additional lenses. Very limited choice and pricy.
check out Canon, Nikon, Minolta/Sony, Pentax DSLRs.

Doyle D. Chastain
 Doyle D. Chastain  Donor  (K=101119) - Comment Date 8/11/2006
Listen to your Uncle . . . I did.

Doyle I <~~~~~

 jessie voigts   (K=6772) - Comment Date 8/11/2006
doyle (and others) - have you heard anything good abt the nikon d80, due out next month??

i am still leaning toward the d50...thanks!!

 Jeroen Wenting  Donor  (K=25317) - Comment Date 8/12/2006
D80 will be good, but in a completely different class from the D50.
It will be a camera far superiod to the Canon 20D (or the D70s it replaces), where the D50 is a lower spec machine.

Helen Bach
 Helen Bach   (K=2331) - Comment Date 8/12/2006
If you don't mind waiting, then the D80 is worth checking out. The full specs are now available from Nikon. However, as someone once said of the D80 "If you keep waiting for every next great new thing you'll be forever waiting."

Best, Helen

John Beavin
 John Beavin   (K=4477) - Comment Date 8/26/2006
HI Steve If I were you I would wait another month or so,Fuji have just anounced a new model , The 9600, the spec's are great and the price will be right too, Have a look at Dpreview for a look at it. good luck whatever you end up with.

 Jeroen Wenting  Donor  (K=25317) - Comment Date 8/26/2006
That is however not a DSLR which is what he's looking for...
And as has been said before, if you keep waiting for the next greatly hyped announcement you're going to wait forever.

Nelson Moore [Kes] - 
 Nelson Moore [Kes] -     (K=20241) - Comment Date 9/1/2006
Hi all,

Ken Rockwell has a review on the D80:

It is a D200 in a D70 (slightly smaller) body. My local camera shop/lab says it shoots 3 frames/second instead of D200's 5 frames. There are some other slight differences. They have 2 coming in next week that no one has bought yet.

Sounds like a real bargain at $1000 (body). I'm sleeping on it tonight...
IF and when...I'll get the 18-200 VR nikkor. Good lens to keep when the D200/D80 is obsolete - lol - next year!


Doyle D. Chastain
 Doyle D. Chastain  Donor  (K=101119) - Comment Date 9/1/2006
Great review Kes . . . thanks for bringing it to the forum! Sounds good too!

Doyle I <~~~~~~

 Damnimgood .   (K=1935) - Comment Date 1/9/2007
Hi all, does anyone here use a Sigma, and what are your comments on the new SD14 to be released soon?:)

 Jeroen Wenting  Donor  (K=25317) - Comment Date 1/9/2007
Looked hard at their SD10 when it was released and was impressed with it.
Decided not to buy it because the investment would be too great (I'd have to replace not just my Nikon bodies but several thousand Euros worth of Nikon lenses and flashguns as well).

And that's likely the main reason (apart from a lack of marketing) that prevents them from getting a real following.
They don't have an entry level body, and people in the midrange market they are targeting almost universally already have an investment in the technology of one of the other brands and are thus less likely to buy into Sigma.

If I were to start from scratch, Sigma would likely be #2 on my list of brands to consider, right after Nikon (who have the advantage of a wider network of dealers and service stations, thus making it easier to get accessoiries and service).

 Damnimgood .   (K=1935) - Comment Date 1/10/2007
Fair comment, and i must agree with the lack of marketing. Service back up though for me has not been a problem realy, but then only used it twice. My comment on that is on my SD10 the CMOS was faulty and was sent back to Japan for replacement, and they supplied me with a loan (SD10)camera till I received mine back. Which I feel was pretty impressive. Most of my Lens`s are sigma and fairly easily to come by, and for the price/quality range very competitve.

Pat Oates
 Pat Oates   (K=3046) - Comment Date 2/8/2007
Steve - I use Nikon (D200) and really like it. However---If I could start all over again I would go with Canon. Nikon service is picky and difficult to get. They are not customer friendly in my opinion.

 Jeroen Wenting  Donor  (K=25317) - Comment Date 2/8/2007
hmm, all depends on your locale.
Nikon service here is quite good (especially now that Nikon has kicked out the importer and are doing it themselves).

The local store here does however see a LOT of Canons being returned with all kinds of mechanical and electronics problems, far more than Nikons.
That's some indication that Canon either has poor quality control or are happy to ship items that are more likely to break.

 Robert Perez   (K=38) - Comment Date 2/27/2017
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