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  Q. Imageopolis Bugs List #1
Phillip Cohen
Asked by Phillip Cohen   Donor  (K=10553) on 11/25/2013 
Post bugs here. I am sure there will be a lot of them. If you run into errors please list them. List the error as displayed on the screen and also list the URL of the page. If you can write a brief explanation of what you were trying to do. Thanks for your help. The more input we get the faster we can get this place back into operation! Enjoy and spread the word.




 Chelsea Burke  Donor  (K=5750) - Comment Date 11/26/2013
Yayyy, we're back on-air!

 Steve Kompier  Donor  (K=4629) - Comment Date 11/26/2013
Just like the old days Chels...

I uploaded an image to test and when I was filling in the ISO field, I used the number pad. When I hit "0" for 100 ISO, I got a message to use numbers only. Minor issue.

 Steve Kompier  Donor  (K=4629) - Comment Date 11/27/2013
I've seen a lot of mentions throughout the site. May be do a search and replace?

Phillip Cohen
 Phillip Cohen  Donor  (K=10553) - Comment Date 11/27/2013
Steve, am slowly working on it. Seems like they like to hide then pop up when you least expect it. Hopefully this site will be around for a long time, so plenty of time to fix things.

 Steve Kompier  Donor  (K=4629) - Comment Date 12/4/2013
When you go here and then click on a displayed category, you get a 404.

Phillip Cohen
 Phillip Cohen  Donor  (K=10553) - Comment Date 12/4/2013
Steve, thanks. Don't know how I missed that one. Fixed it but it takes too long to run the query, took almost 25 seconds. I will have to do some re-indexing to speed things up a bit.


Aurobindo Saha
 Aurobindo Saha   (K=2396) - Comment Date 1/15/2014

I am so happy usefilm is back with a new name. What there in a name. So glad to get you back. Thanks to the support team


Phillip Cohen
 Phillip Cohen  Donor  (K=10553) - Comment Date 1/28/2014
Please be patient if you see a missing image now and then. Had one of the image disk drives crash, it is checking now. Will probably have to purchase a replacement. All images are back online so you probably will not see a problem. Also some of the more intense image queries may be a bit slow. We need one more drive for the database array as it is operating in degraded mode so it may be a bit slow or timeout now and then.

Love keeping the server going with duct tape and bailing wire! Any donations are gladly accepted!


Phillip Cohen
 Phillip Cohen  Donor  (K=10553) - Comment Date 2/3/2014
Today I installed the mod-rewrite software so that many of the old links will work again. Also the
are working again. Enjoy.

 Jeroen Wenting  Donor  (K=25317) - Comment Date 3/6/2014
1) image pages like show wrong tiling. The tiles are sized differently because of different size (and missing) profile pictures, causing different rows to have various numbers of tiles in them.
Best remove those profile pictures, they add nothing and both make the page look fugly and increase load times and network load (and thus bandwidth consumption both for the server and visitors).

2) "disable banner ads" has no effect. I get several ads per page, almost all of them utterly unrelated to the site topic and anyway useless to be because of geographic targeting.

Phillip Cohen
 Phillip Cohen  Donor  (K=10553) - Comment Date 3/6/2014
Hi Jeroen, Welcome back, been a long time! Should be all fixed now as far as the tiling. For most people it should have looked ok, but you have the extra admin buttons along the bottom of each thumb that take up any variable slack space. I will talk to the others here about the profile pics on the thumbnails. They are a bit much. Adding them to the comments and photograph technical block should be adequate.

For the moment ads are being displayed as there are very few donors even though old ones from years back have not been removed. Trying to get the revenue stream back up so this place can at least pay for itself. Once we get things back in the black we will start removing them for the donors as before. So please spread the word we are back and help us by visiting our sponsors.


 Jeroen Wenting  Donor  (K=25317) - Comment Date 3/14/2014
hey Phil :)
No problem with ads per se, but being bombarded like today with ads for the communist party (not joking)?

Phillip Cohen
 Phillip Cohen  Donor  (K=10553) - Comment Date 3/14/2014
Communist party! Ha that is a good one. Click on it a few times and cost them some money! What kind of sites have you been visiting anyway? You know Google looks where you have been and then feeds ads you might like. Everyone gets different ads served to them.

 Jeroen Wenting  Donor  (K=25317) - Comment Date 3/29/2014
Was bombarded by sites for local political parties for days by Google, on any computer.
They're getting way too smart for themselves, knowing it is election season here.
Now that the elections are over, all the political ads mysteriously disappeared.

Phillip Cohen
 Phillip Cohen  Donor  (K=10553) - Comment Date 3/29/2014
Funny how that works Jeroen, you should see it here during election season, it is amazing how much they must spend with Google.

 Nigel Watts.  Donor  (K=3701) - Comment Date 4/1/2014
Hi, I was just looking at EC awards - and noticed, it's increased to 540+ award images, from 80-100 I guess. Looks normal until page 10+, the images duplicate,maybe it's just my browser etc, or it's still early in the morning

Phillip Cohen
 Phillip Cohen  Donor  (K=10553) - Comment Date 4/1/2014
Thanks Nigel, that is what happens when you try to write SQL code at 3AM. Will look into it today and see what is going on.


Phillip Cohen
 Phillip Cohen  Donor  (K=10553) - Comment Date 4/1/2014
Nigel, should be all better now.

 Nigel Watts.  Donor  (K=3701) - Comment Date 4/12/2014
I have noticed a change, great. Just seen something similar also
>> Featured Photos
Past Photographs of the Day: Newest First
There are 1340 recent images in 45 Pages

Maybe it's my browser again - page 40+ some images are displayed 4-5 times.. I guess you have seen also.
I just thought I'd point this one out etc

Phillip Cohen
 Phillip Cohen  Donor  (K=10553) - Comment Date 4/16/2014
Working on that Nigel. It is actually because of the way they were entered, they are actually duplicated so have a little database cleanup to do.

Phillip Cohen
 Phillip Cohen  Donor  (K=10553) - Comment Date 4/16/2014
Some links under the "Image Options" left hand menu may be very slow to respond. Apparently this is due to the way the new database server handles the queries vs. the old database server. I am working on getting things back up to speed. If the request doesn't time out, it will eventually come back to you so please be patent, you only have to click once.

Sorry for the problems and ask for your patience.

Art McCaffrey
 Art McCaffrey  Donor  (K=23621) - Comment Date 6/18/2014
greetings mr phillip cohen,. there seems to be a problem with the (reply to) facility on the comments page, as i have not had an IO notification via email for 9 days,. and yet have seen comments by accident,. if a viewer comments on a past load and i recieve no notification, that viewer will think i,ve ignored them,. please can you look into this as i,m not the only one with this problem,. it may escalate if not nipped in the bud,. my best regards art,.

Art McCaffrey
 Art McCaffrey  Donor  (K=23621) - Comment Date 6/18/2014
problem sorted then,. many thanks mr cohen for your prompt action,. regards art,.

Phillip Cohen
 Phillip Cohen  Donor  (K=10553) - Comment Date 6/19/2014
Art, thanks for the heads up. Appreciate all the help we can get when it comes to notifying us of problems. Thanks again. Phil

Art McCaffrey
 Art McCaffrey  Donor  (K=23621) - Comment Date 6/19/2014
no probs,. appreciate all the hard work you and staff must put in to this site,. good luck for the future and be well,. regards art,.

 Nigel Watts.  Donor  (K=3701) - Comment Date 7/22/2014
The new Imageopolis Fine Arts Photo Gallery Store - Fine Artist looks amazing.

I'm not sure if you call it a bug. Currency, on the preview. Image Link ---> after Dominant Colors:

I guess it's not a bug(it's a preview view in '$')? I guess you have seen this already.

The web pages look great, thanks for adding my photographs.


Phillip Cohen
 Phillip Cohen  Donor  (K=10553) - Comment Date 9/5/2014
Things should be a lot faster now. Sorry for the slow server response times for the past few weeks. Let me know if you are still having problems.

Noah Helphere
 Noah Helphere   (K=88) - Comment Date 10/6/2016
The 'My Favorites' feature isn't working (for me). Images I favorite (my name shows up in drop down list, link changes to 'unfavorite' etc) don't appear if I call up the 'My Favorites' page. Instead I get a page with the error messages:

Sorry, there are only 0 total pages in your selection!
Please enter a page between 1 and 0 and try again.

Sorry, nothing found matching your criteria.
Please search again with different search parameters.

I'll try to post an image, but adding an attachment in this forum doesn't seem to work for me either! Here goes:

Error Messages

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