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Critique By: stingRay pt.4 .  (K:250269) Donor  
10/16/2018 12:44:29 PM

As a scenario the stage is big and the detailing looks great along with the greens and subdued ambers. Missing in this image are the reds and rusty tones but you can hardly move trees to complete a true Autumn scene. I do love the colours dancing in the water and a closer perspective must surely see you returning for another shoot. I do like it a lot but it whispers Autumn rather than jumps out at me shouting that it's Autumn. Hey, I'm not qualified to critique anyone and the bottom line is that it is a lovely capture of this vast scenario.
        Photo By: Paul Harrett  (K:791) Donor

Critique By: stingRay pt.4 .  (K:250269) Donor  
5/20/2009 12:02:04 PM

Such power and malevolence in this stunning arrangement my dear Gust@vo. The colour tones are fantastic and I just prefer them to the dark moody mono tones in the attachment. Both versions are excellent with the mono being the more sinister. Well done to you my very dear friend. A HUUUUG and my very best wishes to you as always.......Ray
        Photo By: Gustavo Scheverin  (K:164501) Donor

Critique By: stingRay pt.4 .  (K:250269) Donor  
9/20/2009 1:38:05 PM

A wonderful collection of shots skilfully edited into this perfect collage of this superb tennis star my dear Andre. How do you choose.......Impossible of course and you took the best decision my friend. Excellent mono tones, great details and a lovely variety of poses and expressions. Well done to you. Best wishes, always.....Ray
        Photo By: Andre Denis  (K:66407)

Critique By: stingRay pt.4 .  (K:250269) Donor  
2/11/2014 2:55:02 AM

CONGRATULATIONS Adam, a well deserved award. This is a stunning composition with beautiful tones and all those wonderful cloud images caught up in the coloured glass segments. An excellent original idea beautifully executed. Best wishes my friend.
        Photo By: Adam Orzechowski  (K:2988) Donor

Critique By: stingRay pt.4 .  (K:250269) Donor  
9/20/2006 3:07:05 PM

...........................CONGRATULATIONS................. .........................

Well done to you Kes for your well deserved award. You always get such wonderful melancholy expressions on their little faces and I bet that that is the complete oposite to the way they really are. Great poses, superb lighting and a wonderful creative setting, well done to you my friend.

I have had a look through your family shots and envy you at the way they co-operate with you.....all I ever get from my own family is 'don't you point that thing (camera) at me' etc. My neighbours' two children have been posing for me and the camera loves the younger one. I'll post some in October. My very best wishes to you as always......Ray
        Photo By: Nelson Moore [Kes] -    (K:20241)

Critique By: stingRay pt.4 .  (K:250269) Donor  
2/24/2014 5:11:08 AM

CONGRATULATIONS on this well deserved award Ali. An excellent still life study thoughtfully composed with each item an antiquity posed alongside a fresh pomegranate which in itself is well established 'ancient' fruit. The theme is great, the detailing perfect and the tones superbly accurate. Very best wishes.
        Photo By: Ali  Alkatib  (K:2684) Donor

Critique By: stingRay pt.4 .  (K:250269) Donor  
6/12/2009 8:52:53 AM

This is such a beautiful creative intimate portrait study Kes. The finished composure/crop is bold and tight exposing just enough of the bride and her emotions. The mono tones are master class and the delicate soft focus is superb. Very well done to you my friend.
I know you probably have your reasons but I do wish we could get to see more of you here on dear old UF. Great to see your name when it appears. Hope you and your family are all well. My very best wishes to you as always.........Ray
        Photo By: Nelson Moore [Kes] -    (K:20241)

Critique By: stingRay pt.4 .  (K:250269) Donor  
10/5/2006 12:08:55 PM

I'm out to play again my gorgeous girl.

This is a wonderful simplistic nature study sweetie and the pof and dof are superb. I love the toning to this and enjoyed reading the about which set the scene nicely. I have this vision of you crawling around the grasses in an attempt to avoid the attention of the cows. Saved a small ran, didn't you? My very best wishes to you as always sweetie a great big hug and an even bigger kiss......Catch....X Ray;)
        Photo By: Caterina  Berimballi  (K:27299)

Critique By: stingRay pt.4 .  (K:250269) Donor  
7/24/2006 11:31:10 AM

Another excellent entry into your new project my dear Doyle. Again in it's dying moments there is unmistakable beauty to this lovely bloom. Wonderful clarity of detail, gorgeous tones and a superb presentation with another beautiful fragment of poetry attached. Great work. Cheers to you my friend....Ray
        Photo By: Doyle D. Chastain  (K:101119) Donor

Critique By: stingRay pt.4 .  (K:250269) Donor  
7/3/2006 12:29:11 PM

With all your wonderful photography in Libya and Cuba I had almost forgotten that Canada is your home my good friend.

This is a superb composition and most fitting for your National Day Nacho. I love the natural framing to the piece, the beautiful colour tones, and the flaming brazier is fantastic.....Well done to you dear friend. Sorry to be late but I had a busy weekend and am catching up yet again..... My very best wishes to you as always......Ray
        Photo By: Jose Ignacio (Nacho) Garcia Barcia  (K:96391)

Critique By: stingRay pt.4 .  (K:250269) Donor  
7/3/2006 12:20:28 PM

Wonderful dappled sunlight, excellent reflections in the rippling water, beautiful tones of nature's greens and a Summertime view of your bridge. Another delightful landscape my dear Larry, well done. All the best.....Ray
        Photo By: Larry Fosse  (K:66493)

Critique By: stingRay pt.4 .  (K:250269) Donor  
6/24/2006 10:13:34 AM

Excellent pof and dof to this awesome floral macro my friend. The colours are so very beautiful and the clarity of detail is superb. Well done to you John-Eric, a great piece of work..Veryy best wishes .....Ray
        Photo By: John-Eric Lemieux  (K:3045)

Critique By: stingRay pt.4 .  (K:250269) Donor  
5/5/2006 10:32:33 AM

Wonderful street shot dear friend showing three subjects caught in three different emotional attitudes. For me a worker taking a break, a tourist also on a break and then a street person sleeping the day away. Another very excellent monochrome composition Leonardo....All the best....Ray
        Photo By: Leo Régnier  Я£  (K:67696)

Critique By: stingRay pt.4 .  (K:250269) Donor  
4/6/2006 11:29:23 AM

Hi Kelly.....Canon do a very good macro ring flash, not sure how it would work with florals and their natural colours though. Had use of one nearly 20 years ago but not my cup of tea.
I like this lovely composition sweetie with it's delicate colouring and wonderful details. I feel that altering your ISO as Rina suggests might be the better alternative as flash can be too fierce on some images and PS work is time consuming and fraught with complications. I am so pleased that I have reached a posting from yesterday....I'm catching up at long last...My very best wishes to you as always sweet Kelly.....Ray
        Photo By: Kelly Duntley  (K:13889) Donor

Critique By: stingRay pt.4 .  (K:250269) Donor  
2/24/2006 11:19:56 AM

A wonderful title my dear Robin and fits the subject like a glove. There is still beauty left in these remains and the thoughts that it can't be long before we see it's decendants. Well spotted and taken....Best wishes to you as always.....Ray
        Photo By: Robin W  (K:16308)


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