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Critique By: Fabio Keiner  (K:81109)  
11/4/2018 8:41:25 AM

got the specific cruel look of some politicians at brexit debates :)
        Photo By: stingRay pt.4 .  (K:250260) Donor

Critique By: stingRay pt.4 .  (K:250260) Donor  
10/16/2018 12:44:29 PM

As a scenario the stage is big and the detailing looks great along with the greens and subdued ambers. Missing in this image are the reds and rusty tones but you can hardly move trees to complete a true Autumn scene. I do love the colours dancing in the water and a closer perspective must surely see you returning for another shoot. I do like it a lot but it whispers Autumn rather than jumps out at me shouting that it's Autumn. Hey, I'm not qualified to critique anyone and the bottom line is that it is a lovely capture of this vast scenario.
        Photo By: Paul Harrett  (K:791) Donor

Critique By: The Pilgrim  (K:63782) Donor  
9/8/2018 9:40:31 AM

Fresh and creative imagery here Ornella. I love that!!
You have composed your shot well and your frame is packed with details and very sharp. Great visual and initial impact. The colors are superb with excellent contrast.
Lighting and exposure are point on! The reflection is
a great added bonus. Great technique and high technical excellence. This is a winner!

Huge Congrats!


Paul E Brumit
        Photo By: Ornella Erminio  (K:4881)

Critique By: Barbara Socor  (K:13559) Donor  
6/13/2018 9:21:47 AM

Terrific capture of life in action! A kind of frieze of a human moment.....Excellent!
        Photo By: Saad Salem  (K:89003) Donor

Critique By: Barbara Socor  (K:13559) Donor  
1/25/2018 9:16:31 AM

A remarkable composition with strong contrasts and a powerful -indeed, apocalyptic- vision. Terrific photograph, quite excellent...
        Photo By: Mesut Yılal  (K:7964) Donor

Critique By: Barbara Socor  (K:13559) Donor  
11/12/2017 3:03:26 PM

Terrific detail and color and fine, non-distracting background. Beautiful shot, Tony! Excellent....
        Photo By: Tony Smallman  (K:23858) Donor

Critique By: john kryewinske  (K:1207)  
11/12/2017 2:03:50 PM

I didn't notice it right away. If I had, I would have re shot the stack. The left edge of the left petal lines up with the bloom behind, and it bugs me.
        Photo By: john kryewinske  (K:1207)

Critique By: Adam Orzechowski  (K:2988) Donor  
4/18/2016 2:30:47 PM

Your work is very good.Beautiful colours. Your work exudes a sense of vibrancy and life. Your photos as cheerful and fun, as it were. It's easy to see that you love what you do :)
        Photo By: Olga Vareli  (K:22471) Donor

Critique By: Darryl  Barclay  (K:6818)  
3/10/2016 1:20:36 PM

Great capture Adam. The B&W lend itself to the drama of the moment. The fog also adds to this drama. I would love to go on a tour. The large DOF brings everything together wonderfully. Darryl
        Photo By: Adam Orzechowski  (K:2988) Donor

Critique By: john kryewinske  (K:1207)  
3/1/2016 3:52:30 PM

Every time I log on and scroll through the newest images, I am hopeful that I will find something that really pleases me. This one knocks my socks off. It is sharp throughout. There is something to see in every area of light. The overall tonality is correct.
        Photo By: James Crotty  (K:2083) Donor

Critique By: Barbara Socor  (K:13559) Donor  
2/6/2016 7:05:19 AM

The yellow of this lovely spray of orchid just "pops" from the muted background....Wonderful detail and composition...A beauty!
        Photo By: Sylvia H.  (K:22174)

Critique By: ARIJIT GHOSH  (K:4387)  
1/15/2016 12:05:51 AM

Excellent B&W image. Nice tones, dramatic shadows and medieval streets. All components present to make this one a really good shot.
        Photo By: Alfons Rial  (K:7600) Donor

Critique By: Wolf Zorrito  (K:78768) Donor  
1/15/2016 12:34:02 AM

Good s curve and I like the rocks at the foreground as a reference for the size of the humans at the beach, they look tiny :-)
        Photo By: Paul Freeman  (K:35606) Donor

Critique By: Ayan Mukherjee  (K:7990)  
1/15/2016 4:14:33 AM

Thanks Art,
It looks eerie, but it a small pond on a hilltop.
this place is a holy place for Buddhist and for Hindus also. This pond is worshipped by the people of both the religion.
Best Regards
        Photo By: Ayan Mukherjee  (K:7990)

Critique By: Art McCaffrey  (K:23645) Donor  
12/18/2015 2:26:29 PM

congratulations dear salvador,
you appear to have located the switch for jupiter beach light :)
best regards, art,.
        Photo By: Salvador María Lozada  (K:69375) Donor

Critique By: Paul Freeman  (K:35606) Donor  
12/17/2015 4:14:12 AM

If you cropped the tree on the right hand side this would be a fantastic image. The pastel colours of the sky and the silvery ocean water are a real treat.
        Photo By: Salvador María Lozada  (K:69375) Donor

Critique By: Phil Martin  (K:3)  
11/30/2015 5:55:16 PM

Bursting with life...diagonal line moving from margin to centre is very effective...congrats!
        Photo By: Radovan Magdalenic  (K:32881)

Critique By: Art McCaffrey  (K:23645) Donor  
11/23/2015 6:16:16 AM

no my friend, its eight shots taken in the vertical/portrait frame,
with about thirty to fourty percent overlap,
thanks for looking in harry,
best regards, art,.
        Photo By: Art McCaffrey  (K:23645) Donor

Critique By: Wolf Zorrito  (K:78768) Donor  
11/24/2015 4:27:48 AM

I like the toning and the vignetting, it really looks old.
        Photo By: Art McCaffrey  (K:23645) Donor

Critique By: Marten Jager  (K:478)  
11/20/2015 6:20:53 PM

If you increased the exposure and/or highlights this photo would be extra nice. I like it but its a little flat tonally.
        Photo By: Paolo  Lubrano Lavadera  (K:-111) Donor

Critique By: Matt Mitchel  (K:3149)  
11/20/2015 9:15:55 AM

You are the master of capturing the reflections and this one is a nice capture.
        Photo By: Kamran Bakhtiari  (K:24021)

Critique By: Marten Jager  (K:478)  
11/20/2015 6:24:28 PM

Beautiful. I love the color and delicacy of this photo.
        Photo By: STELIOS MANTADAKIS  (K:630)

Critique By: The Pilgrim  (K:63782) Donor  
11/18/2015 9:35:05 AM

Excellent shot. Really great details and sharp focus.
Good depth of field and wonderful story telling ability.
Like the lights. A well timed shot Alfons.


        Photo By: Alfons Rial  (K:7600) Donor

Critique By: Wolf Zorrito  (K:78768) Donor  
11/19/2015 2:28:25 AM

Oh you romantic soul, it is a wonderful photo :-)
        Photo By: Art McCaffrey  (K:23645) Donor

Critique By: Art McCaffrey  (K:23645) Donor  
11/19/2015 8:08:20 AM

si el hombre sombra tenía los dos pies en el suelo yo no lo he visto en qué dirección caminaba, siniestro,
también les gusta el toque de azul,
muy bonitas alfonso,
saludos cordiales, arte,.

if the shaded man had both feet on the ground i would not have seen which way he was walking, sinister,
also like the touch of blue,
very nice alfons,
best regards, art,.
        Photo By: Alfons Rial  (K:7600) Donor

Critique By: Art McCaffrey  (K:23645) Donor  
11/10/2015 7:15:46 AM

words of a bygone era barbara, 1915, by the looks,
great obervation, well seen and framed,
especially the bottem left, the change in direction,
my best wishes, art,.
        Photo By: Barbara Socor  (K:13559) Donor

Critique By: Art McCaffrey  (K:23645) Donor  
11/13/2015 1:44:25 AM

what really catches my eye , is the strange orientation of those clouds top right,
very fine image barbara,
best regards, art,.
        Photo By: Barbara Socor  (K:13559) Donor

Critique By: Salvador María Lozada  (K:69375) Donor  
11/13/2015 4:19:16 AM

Congratulations on the well deserved award.
Wonderful image and wise composition.
Best wishes,
        Photo By: Art McCaffrey  (K:23645) Donor

Critique By: Barbara Socor  (K:13559) Donor  
11/13/2015 8:12:13 PM

Indeed, those bits of sunshine really "pop." Really well-seen, Fabio....
        Photo By: Fabio Keiner  (K:81109)

Critique By: Barbara Socor  (K:13559) Donor  
11/13/2015 8:10:44 PM

A lovely path that draws the eye into the scene...Beautiful and a bit mysterious too...Very nicely done!
        Photo By: Radovan Magdalenic  (K:32881)

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