Photograph By Mohammad  Shirani
Mohammad  S.
Photograph By Luigi Parisi
Luigi P.
Photograph By Nanda Baba das
Nanda B.
Photograph By Sta Lip
Sta L.
Photograph By a. Scarabeo
a. S.
Photograph By The Pilgrim
The P.
Photograph By mike cable
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Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
8/11/2009 11:25:23 PM

I'm back in my hometown now, can see this same scene all over just outside the city. Nice work.
        Photo By: lijie cao  (K:54)

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
6/20/2009 1:06:45 AM

Have always wanted to visit this place but never get around to it. Nicely done landscape, has a nice mood to it.

        Photo By: Marek Pindral  (K:78)

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
6/20/2009 1:05:29 AM

Well done. It seems you are from south China.

Keep up the good work ~ James
        Photo By: Chinson Tan  (K:24)

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
6/20/2009 12:40:46 AM

hi Andy, i did visit a panda reserve just outside of Chengdu in 2006. Didn't have a lot of luck with the photos but managed a couple of decent ones. I was in Chengdu again earlier this year but never stopped in as the purpose of the visit wasn't photography. might try again later this year if i have a chance.

As it is, I'm going back home to Canada for awhile to do some photography there this summer.

Talk to you later ~ James
        Photo By: Andy Seehusen  (K:3372)

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
3/28/2009 6:06:23 AM

Lovely photo. If they're not twins, they should be.

        Photo By: Dan Wilson  (K:21104) Donor

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
11/6/2008 9:05:08 AM

alberto, hi again. excellent image, except i would have cloned out that man in the right front. that is distracting.

best wishes ~ james
        Photo By: alberto baez duarte  (K:8175)

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
11/6/2008 9:03:35 AM

hi ambenis. were you in a moving car? i would have stopped and waited for more lightning and then shot the photo.

        Photo By: Arben Mallaki  (K:10761)

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
11/5/2008 2:25:24 AM

Hi Brigitte, both images are fine, but for old buildings I prefer black and white, and in this case, there isn't a lot of colour anyway, so you don't lose much by desaturating it. Further, black and white can sometimes make a stronger impression... as we see here. I'd shoot an image with a nice blue sky in early morning if the chance ever presented itself, that would make a nice photo given the colour of the church.

I miss these old buildings with nice clean lines and orderly structure. Things aren't built like that here in China, there's a more haphazard approach to construction. I like both, but miss seeing this kind of architecture.

Warmest regards ~ James
        Photo By: Brigitte R.  (K:25989) Donor

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
11/5/2008 2:19:39 AM

Hi Brigitte... thanks for the comments. I like this one much more as well. The advantage last night was that there were no obstructions, and I was almost on the water's edge (its not as clean as it might look in that photo so don't want to get too close).

All the conditions were good last night, so after three nights of trying, I'm happy with this image. Would like to capture it in a bit of fog sometime but since that won't happen around here for some time, I'll have to wait.

Take care ~ James
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
10/20/2008 4:54:19 PM

An excellent title :-)
        Photo By: Arben Mallaki  (K:10761)

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
10/20/2008 2:25:18 PM

hi bobot... great image. reminds me of an article i read in a photography magazine this past summer. a man named darwin wiggett (canada) does long exposure photos of things like grassy fields etc, and calls his work "painting with time." i think if you have fields like this in the area where you are, you might consider the same kind of project. wiggett uses various ND filters and polarizers combined with long exposures to achieve his results. is his site.

warmest regards ~ james
        Photo By: 1301307 60  (K:44058)

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
10/20/2008 2:17:18 PM

hi ercole... nice silhouette here. its not easy to balance the light and the shadows in this situation. nicely done.

warmest regards ~ james
        Photo By: ercole scorza  (K:7985)

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
10/20/2008 11:48:16 AM

Thats a beutifully exposed image. The face almost appears like the moon in the sky....

very well done ambenis ~ james
        Photo By: Arben Mallaki  (K:10761)

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
10/20/2008 11:47:06 AM

beautiful car (and image) john. and since i've never seen that hood ornament before, i dont know what model of car this is. can you tell us?

best wishes ~ james
        Photo By: John Hatz  (K:156973)

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
10/20/2008 11:44:39 AM

very beautiful. the colours are very pretty. your D300, and your skill, are producing nice images.

best wishes ~ james
        Photo By: rino sirio  (K:8012)

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
10/20/2008 11:42:23 AM

very beautiful image wolf. i've tried this kind of shot before but never had much success in getting water droplets on the flower petals like that. how did you do it? i was using a spray bottle but never got it quite right.

best wishes ~ james
        Photo By: Wolf Zorrito  (K:78768) Donor

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
10/10/2008 12:04:32 PM

Nice shot... i like it. The low altitude is fitting given current economic conditions.... Uncle Sam isn't flying so high these days.

(not a negative political statement Pat, I like Americans and respect what the US stands for).

        Photo By: Patrick Ziegler  (K:21797)

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
10/10/2008 11:54:07 AM

Hi Michal. This is a very attractive bridge and you made a very good image of it. But There's not much colour available here, and in that case I often find it better to just desaturate the image via one of the many methods available and make a black and white image out of it.

        Photo By: Michal Smolarski  (K:866)

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
10/10/2008 11:43:27 AM

Very nice mountaineering image.

        Photo By: Michal Smolarski  (K:866)

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
10/10/2008 11:42:23 AM

Hi Michal. I think the potential with a model like this can be great. In my opinion, her expression looks a bit strained here, and not comfortable or relaxed... obviously a hot day in Crimea. If you have other images of this woman, perhaps we could see some others.

Best wishes ~ James
        Photo By: Michal Smolarski  (K:866)

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
10/10/2008 11:15:19 AM

Very nice still life Gustavo. I would have cleaned up those two small spots to the right of the apple... otherwise its very very nice.

        Photo By: Gustavo Scheverin  (K:164501) Donor

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
10/10/2008 11:10:53 AM

Nice capture. I have some of those medals in my collection back home.

Did you manage to speak to any of these men? They have some great stories...

        Photo By: Andy Seehusen  (K:3372)

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
10/10/2008 11:07:56 AM

Great historical image. I didnt know such a union existed. I guess some still harken back to the old days.

Nice work Andy ~ James
        Photo By: Andy Seehusen  (K:3372)

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
10/10/2008 11:05:19 AM

Very nice point of view for this image. I think it could be improved still with a little saturation of those red roofs, and a bit of contrast as well. It would really stand out more.

Keep up the good work ~ James
        Photo By: Saad Salem  (K:89003) Donor

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
10/10/2008 11:00:19 AM

Nice work here. James
        Photo By: rino sirio  (K:8012)

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
10/10/2008 10:59:33 AM

The Tuscany landscape seems to be very scenic. As this image proves. I think it could use just a little more contrast though Luca... in my eyes anyway :)

Best wishes ~ James
        Photo By: Luca Peccerillo  (K:17660)

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
10/10/2008 10:56:30 AM

decent photo yazeed. you might want to use the shadow/highlight function in PS just to brighten those shadows on the right a little bit.

Good work ~ James
        Photo By: M  jalili  (K:69009) Donor

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
10/10/2008 4:45:52 AM

interesting photograph. beautiful aircraft.

did you hand hold this one?

best wishes ~ james
        Photo By: Robert Delgadillo  (K:3509) Donor

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
10/10/2008 12:27:11 AM

Hi, thanks for the comment first of all.

Second, not sure if you've ever been to China, but the conditions you describe in your comment really don't exist here. I don't think I've seen a purple sky in more than four year in China... I've seen grey, brown, hazy, smoky, black, and on some occasions even a blue one. But no purple ones. I think the reasons for that are fairly obvious.

Further, the bridge only reopened early this year, so any photos taken before that time wouldn't have been much good as it was under scaffolding and other assorted construction materials.

The bridge is actually only about two hundred metres from my doorstep, so getting out there to take photos is no problem. But the conditions are usually the same from day to day.
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
10/9/2008 8:34:36 PM

Again, quite nice. I like it, and am a bit jealous as I'll miss these colours yet again. Hopefully next year I'll see them.

        Photo By: Gaetan Dery  (K:718) Donor

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