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Critique By: pasquale ale angelini  (K:2543) Donor  
3/15/2016 10:40:11 AM

Very interesting, I like the composition, which I find unusual, and colors.
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: Shirley D. Cross-Taylor  (K:174043) Donor  
2/23/2015 1:26:26 PM

Great abstract, and I love the blue. Congratulations!:)
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: Pavel Rozhkov rpa  (K:678)  
5/30/2010 8:32:29 AM

Good night photo.
My best regards.
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: Wez   (K:14339) Donor  
7/7/2009 4:16:58 PM

Great about James!

Long time no see.

Hit me up sometime! I've moved to Singapore!
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: rino sirio  (K:8012)  
5/10/2009 11:59:47 PM

una bellissima geometria con ottimo colore,,ciao rino
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: Roberto Arcari Farinetti  (K:209486) Donor  
4/17/2009 10:55:35 PM

hope you are well james.. very powerful image!
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: Andy Seehusen  (K:3372)  
4/13/2009 8:26:40 AM

another great capture, James. Look forward to seeing more.
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: Wez   (K:14339) Donor  
2/8/2009 1:59:55 PM

I must admit, i also prefer this one over the other one.

The colours are more defined, the reflections are better, and the image is much sharper. The other image is much more 'washed out' than this one.

The one downside is the minor point that we cant see the end of the bridge, however it is very minor and this is a fantastic shot.

Next time you are in town, we should try the Rama 9 bridge together again.
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: Shahab Sadeghi  (K:402)  
1/13/2009 5:16:12 AM

Very Nice-pretty colors.good composition.but need more spaces on water to show reflects.tanx for your comment
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: AJ Miller  (K:49168) Donor  
12/30/2008 4:58:53 PM

Well, I'm going to go against both you and Brigitte here - I prefer this one. I think the play of lights is much stronger in this one, as is the composition. I like the limited tones in both - just black white and orange. And though the movement of the water in the other one produces a nice sleek sheen, I think it reduces the impact a little.

This one I think is excellent!

With best wishes for the New Year,
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: atalay karacaorenli  (K:1557)  
12/29/2008 7:35:53 AM

Lovely composition james.
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: aZiZ aBc  (K:28345)  
11/13/2008 3:59:31 PM

EXCELLENT, Congrtulations, ..
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: Roberto Arcari Farinetti  (K:209486) Donor  
11/13/2008 12:54:38 PM

stunning mode, james..
best wishes
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: Dave Stacey  (K:150877) Donor  
11/5/2008 5:50:37 AM

Very nicely done, James! Great perspective and reflected colours, too.
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: * James *  (K:20200)  
11/5/2008 2:19:39 AM

Hi Brigitte... thanks for the comments. I like this one much more as well. The advantage last night was that there were no obstructions, and I was almost on the water's edge (its not as clean as it might look in that photo so don't want to get too close).

All the conditions were good last night, so after three nights of trying, I'm happy with this image. Would like to capture it in a bit of fog sometime but since that won't happen around here for some time, I'll have to wait.

Take care ~ James
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: Brigitte R.  (K:25989) Donor  
11/5/2008 12:55:59 AM

"Big dark sky" not "Bid dark sky"......sorry
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: Brigitte R.  (K:25989) Donor  
11/5/2008 12:55:09 AM

Very well done, James!!! I do like this better... first of all because you have gotten rid of the bid dark sky at the top of the previous image which made the image seem out of balance to me. Secondly, you have more reflections in the water... and thirdly, you have go the "stary" effect in the lights that you were trying to achieve! Overall, this is a fantastic image. What I really like about it is the colors are limited to just basically three - silver (grey/white), copper (orange) and black. All these colors complement each and give this image a very sleek, clean appearance. Excellent architechural study - excellent long night exposure! 7/7

Best wishes,
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: jacques brisebois  (K:73883)  
11/5/2008 12:50:18 AM

antoher great capture. very nicely done.
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: jacques brisebois  (K:73883)  
11/5/2008 12:47:37 AM

real impressive night capture, great details and very nice long shutter speed. perfect exposure and colors, very interesting texture of the water.
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: Arben Mallaki  (K:10761)  
11/4/2008 10:48:08 PM

Excellent picture!
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: Clifton Jones  (K:10688) Donor  
11/4/2008 9:22:26 PM

        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: Armen Haroutunyan  (K:4787)  
11/4/2008 7:09:04 AM

excellent long exposure with great lolors and wonnderful composition
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: Brigitte R.  (K:25989) Donor  
11/4/2008 6:00:03 AM

Excellent and elegant shot... great colors, lines and reflections. Nice archetectual piece. Great work... thank you for explaining the process. Am looking forward to your next exposures. 7/7

Best wishes on tonight's shoot,
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: John Hatz  (K:156973)  
10/25/2008 2:51:12 PM

fantastic lighting, and beautiful colors, plus that the long exposure makes the water looks like... ice! Amazing the lights at the back... at the right side of the image!
best regards!
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: John Hatz  (K:156973)  
10/25/2008 2:46:58 PM

Rich shot, amazing details, oh my God... even the antennas are interesting here, excellent frame James!
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: Arben Mallaki  (K:10761)  
10/20/2008 4:49:58 PM

I think you done the excellent work here, composition of colours and lighting in the roofs looks amazing.

P.S. Thank you for the comment,and your idea inspired me to give the new tittle for my image.

        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: 1301307 60  (K:44058)  
10/19/2008 3:44:20 PM

Beautiful night photograph James. I think it's all a matter of taste with regards to the exposure and the contrast. I like this, I like the hues but a little more contrast for my taste. This is a beautiful angle to capture the extent of the bridge and the lights. wonderful reflections..
great shot and thanks for sharing wonderful China..
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: John Hatz  (K:156973)  
10/12/2008 8:10:58 AM

Amazing shot, great buildings for sure! and ...yeap... thanks God very good exposure so the sky AND the details of the walls looks very nice, excellent subject in an excellent photo, is anybody that needs more from a photo? Not me.
be well James!
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: rino sirio  (K:8012)  
10/11/2008 10:32:10 PM

eccellente inquadratura e ottimi colori...ciao rino
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

Critique By: Wolf Zorrito  (K:78768) Donor  
10/11/2008 7:18:11 AM

Congrats James, I learn you know all about deserts. My advice was not necessary ;-) Great view on the dunes.
        Photo By: * James *  (K:20200)

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